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KEPCO gives helping hands to and shares love with neighbors who are financially, physically or socially marginalized from the community.

Support for social enterprises images

Support for social enterprises

KEPCO supports foundation of social enterprises to help provide jobs for N. Korean defectors or members of multicultural households so that they can stand on their own feet without depending on others. In 2012, KEPCO established social enterprise support group and signed ⌈Labor·Management·Government MOU on Social Responsibilities⌋ following its declaration for New Vision on Corporate Social Responsibility. Since then, employees have donated less than 1,000 Won from their monthly wage and partnered with Social Solidarity Bank for a small loan program as part of the effort to help underprivileged class start their own business and become financially independent. KEPCO also supports social enterprises by procuring more products and outsourcing businesses, and has partnered with a public good foundation to give substantial support.
Find Missing Children Campaign images

Find Missing Children Campaign

KEPCO has been posting pictures of three missing children and their parents’ contact number in monthly electric power rate bill issued to all customers nationwide since 1999 and in KEPCO magazine distributed to all public agencies and organizations nationwide. Ever since, 109 children rejoined their parents until last year. With support from the entire population, KEPCO’s customers, KEPCO will continue to support the Campaign to help missing children return to their sweet homes and create a social environment where all children can grow up healthy and safe.
Energy sharing fund images

Energy sharing fund

KEPCO has been supporting delayed electric power payment of lower income families including recipients of basic living with restricted electric power supply, by raising 10% of KEPCO Public Service Corp.’s fund for volunteering activities (Love Fund + Matching Grant.) This enables KEPCO to provide better energy welfare to the low-income class, fulfill its corporate social responsibilities and share love with neighbors in need.
EYE LOVE Hope Project images

EYE LOVE Hope Project

KEPCO supports eye surgery cost for low-income families in Korea and abroad who could not afford surgery cost and lose their eyesight that would be otherwise restored with eye surgery. In 2011, KEPCO supported eye surgery cost for 40 Koreans and 10 foreigners. KEPCO plans to support eye surgery cost for 1,004 people or 100 (60 in Korea, 40 overseas) each year until 2021 to spread a sharing culture and give “light of hope” to those in need.
Mentoring to children from low-income families  images

Mentoring to children from low-income families

KEPCO employees serve as 1:1 mentor for children from low-income families through a sisterhood relationship with 311 community child centers nationwide to help them grow into bright and smart future leaders. Employees also guide their study and support personality education.
One volunteering group : one village sisterhood  images

One volunteering group : one village sisterhood

Each volunteering group at KEPCO maintains a sisterhood relationship with a rural village to ensure joint growth of cities and rural areas, the place where many of us were born in and grew up. Activities to support rural area’s growth include inspection of electric equipment in community facilities and houses resided by only the elderly and the disabled, labor during harvesting period, support for consumption of local agricultural products, and engagement in farm stay and weekend farm. KEPCO’s love for rural areas will remain strong and solid with such sustainable support and partnership.
Disaster relief and restoration of customers’ electric facilities  images

Disaster relief and restoration of customers’ electric facilities

KEPCO is up and ready to be part of life-saving and restoration activities during disaster situations. KEPCO also supports emergency restoration of customers’ electric facilities or equipment in case of a blackout as part of its contribution to the community.