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KEPCO observes environmental guidelines to deliver its vision as the world’s top total energy group.

As the producer and supplier of electric power, the source for national competitiveness, KEPCO observes the following environmental guidelines it has set to fulfill corporate social responsibilities through environmentally-friendly management, improve its environment management capabilities to one of top five in the world in the energy & engineering sector by 2020 and to achieve its vision as "world’s top total energy group".
Guidelines for green management
As the supplier of electric power, the source of national competitiveness, KEPCO pledges to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities through green management and to establish and execute guidelines for green management in order to achieve its vision and mid-to-long-term goal.
  • Observe domestic/international regulations and conventions on environment
  • Build green management framework and implement green management for continuous improvement
  • Share environmental information for a more transparent and objective green management
  • Lessen environmental load by supplying environmentally-friendly electric power, recycling resources and using green products
  • Keep win-win and cooperative relations with stakeholders for shared growth
  • Develop green technologies on a continuous basis to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution
  • Deliver low carbon, green growth by controlling electric power demand and improving energy efficiency
  • Strengthen green capabilities of all KEPCO staff and employees and motivate them to take part in green management
Jan, 2013. President & CEO of KEPCOHwan-Eik Cho