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Smart grid is an electric power network leveraging latest ICT to advance the network into an intelligence-based one capable of providing high-quality electric power service and maximizing efficiency of energy use. Smart grid project is given one of the top priorities at KEPCO to counter global warming, keep pace with expanding use of new/renewable energy and use electric energy with more efficiency. KEPCO is involved in the project to develop smart grid test-bed in Jeju (Dec. ‘09 ~ May ‘13) in which it already established smart meter/intelligent power transmission and distribution equipment/digital transformation system in late 2011 and is currently introducing real-time rating system and EV charging station, improving quality of new/renewable energy generation source and working on integrated operation of electric power network. KEPCO’s smart grid business primarily focuses on four key areas of peak reduction, load standardization, reduction in power transmission/distribution loss, response to new/renewable energy and reduction in black-out time. KEPCO is also exploring new opportunities in overseas markets with tailored package product it is developing by combining element technologies of intelligent electric power network and business models based on its world-class technological capabilities built around power transmission and distribution.

Jeju-SG Test-bed Overview

Jeju-SG Test-bed Overview
Gujwa-eup, Jeju-do (located in northeastern part of Jeju)
Five smart grid areas, two substations, four power distribution lines, 3,000 customer households
Dec. ‘09 ~ May ‘13 (42 months)
(Basic phase) Dec. ’09 ~ May ‘11 : build test-bed infrastructure
(Expansion phase) Jun. ’11 ~ May ‘13 : operate test-bed
12 consortiums, 168 companies
246.5 billion KRW [government 73.9 billion KRW (30%), KEPCO 23.9 billion KRW (10%), private companies 148.7 billion KRW (60%)]
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Five business areas in Jeju Smart Grid

Five business areas in Jeju Smart Grid
Smart Power Grid
Enable two-way electric power transmission and automatic failure restoration and communicate with state-of-the-art electronic appliances to control electric power elements.
Smart Place
Provide real-time electric rate based on smart meter to switch time slot consuming electric power from peak one to low one.
Smart Renewable
Connect new/renewable energy like wind power and solar power generation to electric power network on a stable manner and transmit excess electric power to other regions.
Smart Transportation
Install EV charging station and battery exchanging station to support electric vehicles and equipment to charge electric vehicles at home.
Smart Service
Develop and operate new electric power service including tailored energy information, demand control and real-time rate system, build integrated operation center and monitor operating situation of test-bed to collect energy information and provide information on real-time basis.

Global super grid connecting Korea, Russia, China and Japan

KEPCO is preparing a global super grid project in the mid-to-long term with the goal to address domestic electric power system issues such as electric power supply shortage and create new growth engine by exporting electric power. Benefits expected from this large-scale project involving Korea, Russia, China and Japan are higher operational efficiency of electric power supply, more active exploration of regional energy resources such as gas and hydro power and further development of new/renewable energy like wind power and solar power as sources for future growth.
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KEPCO operates Smart Grid Exhibition Center for visitors to have hands-on experience of Smart Grid projects underway in SG Test-Bed. Go to Smart Grid Exhibition Center