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Current Status of Overseas Resource Exploration Projects

Current Status of Overseas Resource Exploration Projects
Resource Country Type Host entity Subscribe
Thermal Coal
Equity Investment
Cockatoo Coal Ltd.
Acquired a 1.9% stake of total equity in Dec. 2007
Asset Acquisition
Bylong Coal mine
  • Acquired 100% stake in Bylong Coal mine in Jul. 2010
  • Commence production in 2016
Equity Investment
PT Adaro Energy Tbk
  • Acquired a 1.2% stake in July 2009
  • Taking over 3 million metric ton coal a year
Equity Investment
PT Bayan Resources Tbk.
  • Acquired a 20% stake in July 2010
  • Taking over 7 million metric tons of coal/year
Equity Investment
Imouraren Uranium mine
  • Acquired a 5.4% stake in Dec.2009
  • Taking over 770 tons per year for 24 years
Uranium Exploration
Cree East
Signed Joint Venture between Korean Consortium & CanAlaska in Oct. 2007
Uranium Exploration
Waterbury Lake Region
  • Signed Joint Venture Agreement between Korean Consortium & Fission in Jan. 2008
  • Discovered 22% high grade uranium in May. 2010
Equity Investment
Denison Ltd
Acquired a 11.3% stake in Jun. 2009
Equity Investment
STM Ltd.
  • Acquired a 14% stake in Feb. 2012
  • Acquired a 40% option for Gas Hill Uranium mine’s equity

Resource Exploration Projects Location

  • Austrailia
  • Canada
  • Indonesia
  • Niger