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Procurement Notice
No Public Notice No. Subject Matter of Contract Announcement Date Tendering Date
3806 G011705116 10kw-scale Elecrtochemical System for the Production of HCL/NaOH and CaCO3 Synthesis System 1Set 2017.06.22 2017.08.02
3805 E011707297 일본 오이타현 기츠키 태양광 개발사업(20MW) 타당성평가 자문용역 2017.06.22 2017.07.04
3804 G011705031 Structural Steel Pole 400.513ton 2017.06.19 2017.08.01
3803 G011705035 Concrete Anchor Blocks(120782) 109,800ea 2017.06.19 2017.08.01
3802 E011707025 신재생-연계 수소에너지 시스템 설계 및 요소기술 개발 2017.06.16 2017.07.27
3801 G011704891 86 2017.06.13 2017.07.25
3800 G011704896 49 2017.06.13 2017.07.25
3799 KH2017PN018 연료전지 자동 스프레이 장치 2017.06.09 2017.07.20
3798 E011706670 영상 인식기반 배전설비 상태 추론 및 운영관리기술 개발 2017.06.08 2017.07.19
3797 G011704755 Battery Energy Storage System for Isolated Micro Grid 2017.06.08 2017.06.20
for information
  • KEPCO intends to enter into a contract for the equipment below through a single source contract
  • If you have an opinion about this contract, please let us know not later than 5 days after the announcement date.