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KEPCO is there to create high added value for all as the stable supplier of electric power and customer-oriented services.

Procurement Notice
No Public Notice No. Subject Matter of Contract Announcement Date Tendering Date
3850 E011709176 괌 신재생에너지 입찰사업 Tax Equity 검증 자문사 선정 2017.08.16 2017.08.29
3849 KH2017PN024 발열량계(Automatic Calorimeter, 1set) 2017.08.10 2017.09.19
3848 E011709031 시각동기위상측정정보를 활용하는 전력계통 상황인지 응용기술 2017.08.10 2017.09.20
3847 KH2017PN026 Automatic Large Cut-off Machine and Automatic/Manual Cut-off Machine 2017.08.10 2017.09.19
3846 G011706489 49 2017.08.09 2017.08.17
3845 KH2017PN020-2 [Retender] 비행시간차 에어로졸 및 유기물질 분석시스템 2017.08.07 2017.08.17
3844 E011708757 괌 신재생에너지 입찰사업 Tax Equity 검증 자문사 선정 2017.08.03 2017.08.16
3843 G011706281 Battery Energy Storage System for Isolated Micro Grid 2017.08.02 2017.08.17
3842 E011708663 미국 바이오매스 사업 재정자문사 선정 2017.08.01 2017.08.11
3841 E011708649 신재생-연계 수소에너지 시스템 설계 및 요소기술 개발 2017.08.01 2017.08.16
for information
  • KEPCO intends to enter into a contract for the equipment below through a single source contract
  • If you have an opinion about this contract, please let us know not later than 5 days after the announcement date.