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Procurement Notice
No Public Notice No. Subject Matter of Contract Announcement Date Tendering Date
3775 KH2017PN003-2 [Retender] Metal Oxide Surge Arrester, 288kV, 144kV 2017.04.28 2017.05.11
3774 G011703858 Concrete Anchor Blocks(120782) 109,800ea 2017.04.28 2017.06.08
3773 G011703685 Battery Energy Storage System for Isolated Micro Grid 2017.04.28 2017.06.08
3772 E011705119 이란 태양광발전 개발사업 사업타당성 검토 용역 자문사 선정 2017.04.27 2017.05.08
3771 [Re] KH2017PN004-2 POST INSULATOR, 345kV, 154kV 2017.04.27 2017.05.11
3770 KH2017PN016 [인프라] 물 분해 수소 발생장치 2017.04.26 2017.06.05
3769 G011703738 Pad Mount(T-1B) 96set & Others 2017.04.25 2017.06.07
3768 G011703707 ACSR-AW(480SQ) 680,604M 2017.04.24 2017.06.08
3767 G011703693 Refer to the attachment. 2017.04.24 2017.05.11
3766 E011704879 지중배전케이블 직매 시공기술 및 설계기준 개발 2017.04.21 2017.06.01
for information
  • KEPCO intends to enter into a contract for the equipment below through a single source contract
  • If you have an opinion about this contract, please let us know not later than 5 days after the announcement date.