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KEPCO is creating new growth engines by exploring new opportunities beyond Korea´s borders.

The organization of KEPCO was created to bolster horizontal, inter-team collaboration for enhanced transparency. The newly established "Power Supply" serves as a control tower to ensure a stable supply of electric power. KEPCO's recently created Procurement Division has reinforced the company's pricing and engineering capabilities. The Overseas Business Division has also been expanded to enable the company to enter into overseas markets with greater agility.
KEPCO headquarters is composed of 8 divisions including the Planning and Coordination Division, as well as 33 departments. There are 9 development project offices in the Project Development Division; 14 district divisions, 177 branches and 44 transfer substations under the Marketing and Operation Division; the UAE Nuclear Power Plant Site under the Nuclear Project Division; 7 overseas offices under the Overseas Business Division; and 8 special business offices including the KEPCO Economic Management Research Institute, all of which combined total 260 business offices.
President CEO
  • Office of the secretary
  • Corporate Communications Office
  • Legal Affairs Office
  • Corporate Management Office
  • External Affairs Office
KEPCO Economy Management Research Institute
Plannin Coordination Division
Future Strategy Department
Budget Departmen
Treasury Department
ICT Planning Department
Management Support Division
Personnel & General Affairs Department
Labor Management Department
Human Resources Development Institute
Business Support Department
ICT Operation Department
Power Technology & Engineering Division
Technology Policy & Planning Department
Engineering Department
KEPCO Research Institute
Facility Diagnosis Center
Materials test & Inspection Center
Electric Power Public Tasks Evaluation & Planning Center
Procurement Division
Procurement Strategy Office
Power Policy Department
Procurement & Contract Department
executive vice president of Domestic Operations
Power Supply
Management Office
Project Development Division
Project Strategy & Planning Office
Transmission Project Department
Distribution Project Department
Smart Grid Department
Asset Development Department
Marketing & Operation Division
Marketing Department
Transmission Operation Department
Distribution Operation Department
District Division(14)
executive vice president of Overseas Operations
Overseas Project Strategy Office
Nuclear Project Division
Overseas Nuclear Project Development Department
Overseas Project Management Department
Overseas Resources Project Department
UAE NuclearPower Site
Overseas Business Division
Overseas Project Development Department
Overseas Project Management Department
Overseas Resources Project Department
  • Manil Office
  • Beijing Office
  • Sydney Office
  • New York Office
  • Jakata Office
  • Tokyo Office
  • Hanoi Office
  • Johannesburg Office
  • London Office
  • Riyadh Office
Controller & Auditor General
Audit & Inspection Office