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We create shared value for all players in the smart energy value chain, shaping the future of the global energy industry
Smart Energy Creator, KEPCO
Creating new future values with creative and harmonious energy and opening the world of clean and convenient energy
  • Smart Energy
    “Smart Energy” refers to energy enhancing the efficiency in production and consumption and creating new values by combining eco-friendly and ICT technology in the processes of producing, transporting and consuming electricity. With Smart Energy, KEPCO will not only provide customers with convenient and effective energy and make a better environment for society, but also provide new business opportunities by cooperating with companies to create new profits and jobs.
  • Creator
    The convergence of technology and values is approaching as a massive new trend for the future. Beyond the basis of development of the national economy, the electricity business will be a core infrastructure for creating converged values with new technology. With new services and energy platforms, KEPCO will grow from an existing provider of electricity into a company enhancing the quality of life for customers and the first mover to lead the future of energy.